Nightlancer begins

Created by Joseph Norris

Fight to survive as society tears itself apart in this cyberpunk dystopian board game.

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An Additional Antagonist - stretch goal 3
3 months ago – Mon, Mar 23, 2020 at 02:11:55 AM

We've hit stretch goal 2! Awesome thanks to all of you for your support this is incredible!

We've got 5 more days so I think if you can help out just sharing the campaign we could even make it to stretch goal 3!

Stretch goal 3 will add extra missions (all backers will get a vote on the missions they want included) and it will also feature a whole extra Antagonist option! This is doubly important for those of you who are backing at the Antagonist level

I've got a few ideas for the new Antagonist option but I'd be happy to work with suggestions! Do you like one of these or do you have an idea of your own?

Assimilatex observer - integrated with the corporate drone network to oversee security, the observer does not see themselves as human. They exist as the hub of a network of sensors and information, drawing no crucial distinction between their peripherals whether it's a flesh&blood arm or a remote controlled drone.

Singularity watcher - this street gang draws people into a collective mindset to be part of one joint mind. Members avoids direct conflict, instead preferring to use superior technical skills to misdirect their opponents. They use hacking and drones as their primary form of defense.

Peace Overseer - as part of the integrated control network of the Peace Bureau, the Overseer is witness to even more obscure parts of "real life" that the Peace Bureau do not normally acknowledge. In the inner city they can destroy individual freedoms with a thoughts, in the slums they constantly face the limited power of the authorities.

The Nightlancer pledge
3 months ago – Sat, Mar 21, 2020 at 08:15:50 PM

The Nightlancer pledge is there for anyone who really wants to make a huge difference to the Nightlancer campaign - and means they will be immortalised in the artwork as an entire extra playable Nightlancer!

One of these has been taken, there is still potential for another three!

I have a few character concepts that I could include as these additional Nightlancers - but if you back at this level I'll work with you to make the character you want in the game!

Controller - The Controller has a neural  implant that allows them to control a drone with their thoughts. The drone has multiple equipment options to give them added flexibility!

Body Hacker - The Body Hacker is a committed body-modder, performing major surgery on themselves! They can implant cybernetics at lower cost.

Biological - The Biological is a Nightlancer that eschews cybernetic implants.  They are devoted to their natural body and idealistically strive to keep  it intact.

Cleaner - The Cleaner is the expert in covering up messes and avoiding trouble. When another Nightlancer would leave a trail, the Cleaner passes unnoticed.

Skater - The Skater  is nimble and fast-moving. They move fast, talk fast and react fast.  Always on the roll, they're somewhat fragile if only you could track  them down.

Heavy - The Heavy is a  powerful, imposing figure used to crushing their way through obstacles with strength and intimidation even if it means drawing more  attention.

Last week

We're fully funded, on the verge of stretch goal 2 and still with a week to go! I'm going to be working hard all week to try to get to stretch goal 3 (or even 4)! If you can spare a moment to share the campaign on social media or recommend it to someone that would really help.

Vinyl stickers are added as a bonus for any backers who helps make this last week awesome and increases their pledge, and for any new backers!

Nightlancer miniatures practicality
3 months ago – Fri, Mar 20, 2020 at 11:55:07 PM

Hello Nightlancers

Because so many have been curious about it, I've asked the questions and worked out the practicality of producing miniatures for Nightlancer. It would be very cool and I'd really love to include them!

Unfortunately the costs to produce the miniatures affordably are significant -  put it this way they're more than the entire current funding level between modelling, tooling and production costs!

Now I'm glad I did look into this. I'd definitely love to produce some Nightlancer miniatures some day and now I know exactly what it will take. But this isn't the right time for it. You will be the first to know when I'm preparing to produce miniatures to go with Nightlancer!

Enhanced special pledges
3 months ago – Thu, Mar 19, 2020 at 07:29:49 PM

I've been thinking about the higher-level pledges (Contact, Antagonist and Nightlancer).

I'd really like for backers to take advantage of these and become immortalised in the Nightlancer world, so I think of you guys and all your support every time I play the game when it is finished.

So I've come up with some cool extras to add to them!

Remember the vinyl sticker offer from my previous update is still open and will be for another 5 days!

Last week push bonus - and the world situation
4 months ago – Tue, Mar 17, 2020 at 04:15:22 PM

Hello Nightlancers!

We're well past the basic funding target and with one stretch goal already behind us, the next stretch goal is just within reach! I've been paying attention to your comments and working on how I can make a really awesome addition to the stretch goal lineup if we can reach it! More details coming soon!

So if you help push to the next stretch goal and build up towards a HUGE closing week on this campaign, I'll throw in a bonus for you. If you help out by increasing your pledge in the next week, I'll add in a vinyl sticker of the Nightlancer of your choice to your rewards.

Sample sticker


Everyone faces a difficult time at the moment. I just want to let you know I've been working hard to plan for the worst case scenario, reaching out to additional printers and fulfilment companies to make sure I have options in the event of any problems.

I want to thank you for sticking with me, my artists and the many other people who will take part in bringing Nightlancer to you!

With the extra pressure on everyone at the moment, you can all help to avoid adding to it. Please keep safe, and be kind.