Nightlancer begins

Created by Joseph Norris

Fight to survive as society tears itself apart in this cyberpunk dystopian board game.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Stretch goals added
7 months ago – Thu, Feb 27, 2020 at 08:31:15 PM

Here are the first few stretch goals! I created a lot of content originally for Nightlancer but the game doesn't need them to be a good experience. However if we can reach some of these stretch goals they'll add some interesting variety and I'd really like to put everything into the game if we can get there!

If you let me know what you would like to see as a stretch goal I'll definitely look into it and try to find a way to include it!

Nightlancer fully funded! Stretch goals coming soon!
7 months ago – Thu, Feb 27, 2020 at 05:18:03 PM

Thank you everyone for your support! It's been a long journey to get this far and Nightlancer is now going to get made!

I'll be adding stretch goals soon!

Interview with Loco Ludus podcast
7 months ago – Wed, Feb 26, 2020 at 02:40:10 PM

I did an interview with Barney at Loco Ludus. We talked about cyberpunk stuff, game design, food-orientated games, becoming a publisher and - of course - Nightlancer itself. 

It was a fun interview! Barney opens with some out-there questions that took us in interesting directions! I manage to take a wild tangent into what android food would be like.

Loco Ludus is a podcast with focus on tabletop game modfications, homebrew, DIY, etc., all out of love for the hobby and the brilliant work of so many designers! 

Too many early birds!
7 months ago – Tue, Feb 25, 2020 at 05:30:05 PM

I promised our former backers and early newsletter sign-ups that they would have access to Early Bird pricing. I'm blown away how quickly this game is taking off, but I stand by my word! So there are now additional early bird pledges available look for "Hyper-ish-punk"!

Sorry to those who missed the first set I never seriously expected them to go in less than two hours!