Nightlancer begins

Created by Joseph Norris

Fight to survive as society tears itself apart in this cyberpunk dystopian board game.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Last week push bonus - and the world situation
about 1 year ago – Tue, Mar 17, 2020 at 04:15:22 PM

Hello Nightlancers!

We're well past the basic funding target and with one stretch goal already behind us, the next stretch goal is just within reach! I've been paying attention to your comments and working on how I can make a really awesome addition to the stretch goal lineup if we can reach it! More details coming soon!

So if you help push to the next stretch goal and build up towards a HUGE closing week on this campaign, I'll throw in a bonus for you. If you help out by increasing your pledge in the next week, I'll add in a vinyl sticker of the Nightlancer of your choice to your rewards.

Sample sticker


Everyone faces a difficult time at the moment. I just want to let you know I've been working hard to plan for the worst case scenario, reaching out to additional printers and fulfilment companies to make sure I have options in the event of any problems.

I want to thank you for sticking with me, my artists and the many other people who will take part in bringing Nightlancer to you!

With the extra pressure on everyone at the moment, you can all help to avoid adding to it. Please keep safe, and be kind.

Creator pledge (also coop/solitaire rules FAQ)
about 1 year ago – Fri, Mar 06, 2020 at 02:07:41 AM

If you back at the Creator pledge level you can name a  feature in Nightlancer! It could be a callback to something from the  cyberpunk genre that you would like mentioned, or just a cool name that  fits the theme!

You could give a weapon a nickname, such as calling the  submachinegun the "Sprayer"*, "Painbringer"* or even just naming it  after yourself with a narrative background to the name!

Or you could give a character in a mission a nickname,  such as the dangerous gang boss that is the mission target could have a  name of your choosing like "Wireneck"*, "Speeder"* or the character  could be named directly after yourself!

* You can almost certainly come up with better name ideas than these! They're just simple examples.

There is now a FAQ  up for the solitaire and cooperative rules:

Stretch goals and Antagonist pledges
about 1 year ago – Mon, Mar 02, 2020 at 04:47:43 PM

We've broken through the first stretch goal and the upcoming stretch goals have been updates - with the interest in extra missions I've brought more of them in as a target but with an added perk - an extra Antagonist will be featured in missions!

This leads nicely into an overview of the Antagonist pledge options. There are nine Antagonist slots available and backing at the Antagonist level will get a choice of these:

Mongrels Street Gang You will become one  of the ruthless, stealthy Mongrels street gang members. They move in the  shadows, using wits and numbers to outmanoeuvre and bring down even  tough enemies like Nightlancers or Applied Peace Officers.

Rivets Street Gang You will become one of the aggressive, territorial Rivets gang  members. They're tough with a strong sense of brotherhood, while always  looking for enemies to test their strength against. They mark their gang  status and toughness with rivets implanted directly into their body!

Harmony Shockpack The decadent, psychotic Harmony shockpack members band together out  of  hatred for ugly things in the world. They decorate themselves extravagantly, use augmented reality to try to edit out things they  don't like seeing, and they will use elegant and deadly fighting  abilities to exterminate things that are too ugly to allow.

Meathooks Shockpack The Meathooks are wild savages, banding together out of a pack  mentality and ferocity. They fight amongst themselves constantly weeding  out any too weak to survive, and implant their bodies with any  weaponry, blades, armour or other equipment to make them better at being  violent.

Electratech Security Electratech is a corporation of questionable values that is rumoured to  take people who are easily overlooked away from the Slums as test beds  for cybernetic enhancements. Their security guards are heavily armed and  equipped, made for holding position to protect the company facilities.

Pharmachem Security Pharmachem are a corporation suspected but never proven of extensive industrial sabotage against rivals or any other problems they come across. Their security forces are highly mobile and use tactics and manoeuvring for surgical strikes against enemies.

Peace Officer The patrol officers of the Peace Bureau who do their best to keep the  worst of the slums under control. They pack body armour and shotguns to  help keep the peace. Many are in the pay of the mob or corrupt  politicians to overlook their special interests, with only a few trying to be honest cops actually protecting the innocent victims of the  slums.

Applied Peace Officer These Peace Officers are especially equipped for bringing the peace to slums incidents, in whatever way possible. They are heavily armed and armoured, and once they  are on site there is little doubt that they will bring their equipment  to bear to pacify the situation with maximum efficiency.

Special Peace Officer These Peace Officers are the toughest, meanest enforcers that the  Peace Bureau brings to bear. Inner city people rarely even know of their existence, as when they come into play there is no evasion of what they do. These individuals are ruthless, savage killers with the heaviest  weaponry, implanted body weapons, and an utter focus on destroying everything that they are ordered to.

If we can reach the new £20,000 stretch goal, an additional Antagonist will be included in the new missions and added to the available options! Will it be more agents of the authorities, a crime syndicate or another exploitative corporation?

Contact pledges and extra missions
about 1 year ago – Fri, Feb 28, 2020 at 02:40:43 PM

The Contact level pledge gives you the full rewards of the Punk (the limited edition game and a pin of your choice) - but also you get to become immortalised in the game art for Nightlancer!

The character design shown on your Conytact card will be based on your picture, and these cards rapidly pass through the hands of players so you will be seen frequently and play an important part in the story!

These are the contact types that you can choose to become if you pledge at the Contact level:

Black Bag Handler - Handler for black operations, familiar with how to make connections to get things done and evade the authorities.

Entrepreneur - A determined individual who moves fast and looks out for opportunities to make deals.

Power Player - With connections high up across the city, this contact will help you secure your position.

Face Man - On the front line of street deals, you can always rely on them to watch your back and keep you in touch.

Organiser - With an organiser in your contacts, you can be confident that your deals will go through.

Detective - Begrudgingly working with Nightlancers, knowing that there are far worse things in the city, to offer their sleuthing skills.

Patrol Officer - One of the rare few slums cops who try to do some sort of good, they draw attention - but that can be away from you.

Private Security - Able to spot security gaps with their professional background, or keep trouble away from you with their imposing presence.

Cyberspacer - The cyberspacer never works face to face, but can help you find equipment and software through the net.

Hacker - A tech wiz, adept with bypassing physical and software barriers with improvisational hacking skills.

Tinkerer - Always at play with hardware, from weaponry and cybernetics to tools and locks.

Escort - The escort can provide an invaluable asset in keeping attention away from you.

Journalist - Skilled in investigation and connected across the city.

Performer - Able to keep eyes off you with an impromptu gig, or instead put you in touch with their fanbase.

Stretch goal - Missions

Also as a number of backers have shown interest in seeing more mission cards in the game - I'm going to include these in the Stretch goals soon! Kickstarter doesn't allow editing updates after 30 minutes but I will be updating the graphic on the campaign page.

Stretch goals added
about 1 year ago – Thu, Feb 27, 2020 at 08:31:15 PM

Here are the first few stretch goals! I created a lot of content originally for Nightlancer but the game doesn't need them to be a good experience. However if we can reach some of these stretch goals they'll add some interesting variety and I'd really like to put everything into the game if we can get there!

If you let me know what you would like to see as a stretch goal I'll definitely look into it and try to find a way to include it!